Everything About Mushrooms

Mushrooms are awesome! Come explore the world of fungi with us and learn about the wonderful world of mushrooms and all the benefits they offer. There are tons of unique varieties of mushrooms, all with different tastes and textures, and most offering possible health benefits - some affect immune response, some support our nervous system health and memory, while others potentially provide benefits to our hearts and cardiovascular system. Mushrooms often contain specific compounds that aren’t present anywhere else in our diets and nature. Our mission is to share potential medicinal and nutritional benefits with you and help you find which mushrooms may be appropriate for your diet and lifestyle. 

General Mushroom Properties

Mushrooms tend to be very high in B vitamins, proteins, and are incredibly high in fiber. Fiber in mushrooms is made from different types of naturally occurring polymers, the most important of which are beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are long-chain glucose molecules that are especially common in mushrooms, and research has shown they have a considerable impact on the immune system.